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Embryo live - DVD's and YouTube

In this page you will find imaging material that has to do with the courses Embryo in Motion.
There is referred to DVDs that are produced in the past and that can be bpought or watched on certain sites.

Here below there are links to the websites where you may order DVDs that are registrations of seminars or courses Embryo in Motion.

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Loutrakis, Greece
Cosmoanelixis organized in August 2015 a four days course.
It was recorded as Embryo in Motion -The Embryo in Us
Jaap van der Wal, PhD, MD

Available via the website of Cosmoanelixis also as webinar.
Go to http://www.cosmoanelixis.gr/FindaCourse/tabid/380/ctl/ViewDetail/mid/1467/CoCode/14193/language/en-US/Default.aspx

This is how Mrs Olga Gouni of Cosmoanelixis tell is: 
Dear friends all over, 
We are very happy to announce that you can order your DVDs or MP4player with the educational module The Embryo in Us taught by Jaap van der Jaap Van der Wal. 
Do you wish to be the next to order? Go to the link above for all info. Or you can spread the good words? Please share.

Portland, Oregon, USA
Portland Branch of the Anthroposophical Society in America
Embryo In Motion: Understanding Ourselves as Embryo
Jaap van der Wal, PhD, MD

4-DVD Set, recorded live in Portland, OR, June 3–6, 2010
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This seminar explores human prenatal development and shows how biology is expressing the essence of human spiritual enfoldment. Understanding the stages of development is a foundation for therapeutic recognition of embryological forces in all later stages of life. (.....) This seminar is a rare opportunity to hear a world authority on modern scientific understanding of embryology who has developed a unique synthesis of this science with spiritual principles.
Bildungsfestival Weggis, Switzerland

Polarity Bildungszentrum Zürich
Menschwerdung - Eine Geste
3. Schweizer Bildungsfestival, Jaap van der Wal
Vortrag anlässlich des 3. Schweizer Bildungsfestivals zum Thema "Geburt" vom 20. - 23. August 2009 in Weggis. Menschwerdung - eine Geste. Embryo Sein von Konzeption bis Geburt- Mensch Sein zwischen Himmel und Erde (Tagesseminar)

Deze DVD kan ook besteld worden via  AUDITORIUM-NETZWERK.DE:
Van der Wal, Jaap: Menschwerdung - eine Geste. Embryo Sein von Konzeption bis...Mensch Sein zwischen Himmel und Erde. Vortrag anlässlich des 3. Schweizer Bildungsfestivals zum Thema "Geburt" vom 20. - 23. August 2009 in Weggis
Boulder, Colorado, USA

Colorado School of Energy Studies
The complete three-days Embryology seminar
The Speech of the Embryo, 2005
The Complete Three-Day Embryology Seminar by Jaap van der Wal. Price: $130.  8 DVD disks, plus a CD containing 4 class handouts, showing the entire class entitled “The Speech of the Embryo” given at CSES in 2005