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Dynamic Morphology of Organs Silea - IT/EN

25 mei t/m 27 mei 2018
A three days seminar Dynamic Morphology and Embryology wit accent on Organogenesis, Silea, Vrijdag 25 tot en met zondag 27 april 2018

A three days Introduction in Dynamic Morphology Embryology with accent on Organogenesis for Craniosacral therapists en osteopaths, trauma therapists en body-psycho-therapist en others interested, organized by the Instituto Terapie Cranio Sacrali in Norma (Latina) and the Craniosacral School La Marea in Treviso.
In English (with interpreter).

This course is meant as a follow up or extension course of the Course Embryo in motion and The Embryo in Us as given by Jaap van der Wal MD PhD in the last decade on several places in Italy e.g. in Silea 2016. This time the main part of the course will be presented by Guus van der Bie MD, a colleague of Jaap van der Wal and phenomenologist more experienced in the formation and phenomenological physiology of organs.

Look at the website of La Marea (new frame or at n a n
ew and recent link on the site of craniosacral.it
For information about Embryo in Motion in het Italians: Istituto Terapie Craniosacrali a Norma (Latina) and for Italian publications Risorse e Aticuli (new frame).

Dynamic Morphology of Organs Silea - IT/EN
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