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Embryo and Fascia, Chandler USA - EN

14 juli t/m 15 juli 2018
Fascia - Beyond just a connective tissue system? About the Architecture of your inner body. Chandler AZ 14 & 15 July 2018

A special two days course Fascia - Beyond just a connective tissue system? About the Architecture of your inner body . In English.
Organized by 
Chris Fredericks of the Stretch to Win Institute and will take place at the Institute in Tempe AZ, USA. 
For more information follow this link
Or go to: Stretch to Win Institute or mail to: STWI Global Headquarters, 580 N. 54th St., Suite 1, Chandler, AZ 85226

Since the 2nd International Fascia Research Congress in Amsterdam in 2009 Jaap was able to lounge a fruitful conception between his early scientific work about the architecture of connective and muscular tissue in the posture and locomotor system on the one hand and the phenomenological approach of the embryo on the other. Sometimes he therefore is invited to present one or two day seminars in which he presents the fascia as a matrix organ and as the biotensegrity organ of the body being the main appearance of the so-called meso-dimension of the human body. Resulting in a functional architecture of the mesenchyme. Based upon the phenomenological concept of “mesoderm” (or ”meso”) as the Middle and mesenchyme) the fascia may be understood as The inner tissue, the dimension of connecting as well as shaping space: a holistic concept on fascia as the matrix organ.

Like to know more? Watch this interview by Chris Frederick, director of te Stretch to Win Institute with Jaap

Embryo and Fascia, Chandler USA - EN
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