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1 december 2017
Three courses in the USA - Summer 2018. The Ultimate Embryo 

ASHLAND (or) 28 JUNE till 1 July 2018
WALPOLE (MAINE) 18 till 21 JULY 2018
KESWICK (VA) 25 till 29 JULY 2018.

In the summer of 2018 Jaap van der Wal will present his well-known class The Embryo in Us - Embryo in Motion THREE times in the USA. From the West to the East and to the South-East he will voice the Human Embryo as the mystery that might help us to understand who we are, where we come from and what we are meant for. What did you do when you were an embryo? Understanding ourselves as embryo.
Go to www.embryo.nl (Dutch, English and German), click on Course Calendar and look for Ashland, Walpole and Keswick to see what you are going to miss if you let Jaap leave the USA without him having met you. Everybody is welcome, everybody has to know about the human embryo! Osteopaths, craniosacral people, polarity people, trauma therapists, body and manual therapist, midwives, teachers, and, and. Don't let this pass by!

Wil je een enthousiast verslag lezen over een van de vierdaagse cursussen van Jaap?
Neem dan de cursus die hij gaf in het instituut van Tom Myers Anatomy Trains in Maine USA, vorig jaar juli 2016.
Hieronder een samenvattende indruk.


Jaap truly dances as he describes the folding and unfolding gestures during the process of human embryonic function.  He pulls from several inspirations, including the work of Rudolf Steiner, Rumi, Andrew Still, and art from Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Greek art and more.  Citing the theories of Blechschmidt, he comments on the fact that movement is pre-exercised in the body and that motion is the primary force, while form is secondary.  As he stated, “you are a process and you are constantly shaping your body.


16 - 23 March 2016 A great course in Barcelona.
From 16 to 19 March I gave a course for the International Institute of Advanced Studies in Osteopathy (IASO) in Sant Just Desvern, Barcelona. The majority of the approximately 15 participants was osteopath (in training). It was a very pleasant course to give. Fine and very interested and motivated people. Here are a few photos

The class room with the participants: make a gesture!

With Lidia Estany for an interview in the MIdline Institiute Barcelona and Jaap on the balcony the Gaudi Palace Battlo

News concerning courses and lectures EiM
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